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Kentucky friends share $1 million

Kentucky Friends

Drawing Date: 1/13/2023

January 20, 2023 - While someone in Maine may have won the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot last Friday, one Louisville man and woman came forward with a $1 million winning ticket.

The two (who wish to remain anonymous) have been friends since high school and share many memories over the years but none as memorable as winning the lottery. After an evening out, the pair needed to stop for gas. Their usual go-to spot was crowded, so they decided to stop at the Five Star on Cane Run Road in Louisville.

The woman said she wanted to buy Mega Millions tickets before the drawing. So, her friend handed her $5 and she bought two $2 tickets letting the computer pick the numbers.

Saturday morning, he grabbed the tickets off the refrigerator and checked the winning numbers. “I saw we matched the five numbers, but I wasn’t sure how much we had won,” the man said. “I called my friend, and as soon as I told her, she knew right away it was for a million dollars.”

The woman was in disbelief until her friend sent a picture of the ticket so she could see for herself.

“Everything that day came into place, timing was everything,” he said. “If we had stopped at the original store, who knows if we would have had those same numbers. It’s an absolute blessing.”

They each received a check for $357,500 after taxes.

He told lottery officials he plans to put his winnings towards buying a place to live and a car. She said winning the million dollars is a big deal and helps her prepare for retirement.