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California Lottery player stops to fill up, wins big!

Jonathan Shrednick

Drawing Date: 6/6/2023

October 19, 2023 - Jonathan Shrednick says he was reading social media when he stumbled upon a post announcing that a Mega Millions® ticket from an am/pm in Torrance had matched five of the six winning numbers from that night’s draw [June 6], winning a prize of $1,442,494.

He didn’t think much about it until it dawned on him that he bought a Mega Millions at an am/pm in Torrance three days earlier! “It’s not where I normally stop for gas, so it didn’t really trigger any initial recollection until I started driving the next day,” Shrednick told the California Lottery.

Shrednick says he then found the Mega Millions ticket in his car and realized he’d won. “I checked the numbers and went ‘holy cow!’ I called my wife, and she was freaking out and crying,” said Shrednick. “I told her the ticket was in a safe place in my pocket and she said, ‘no way, I’m coming to get it,’ and she put it into our safe deposit box.”

Shrednick came close to winning a massive amount of money. Had he matched Mega number 4 as well, he would have hit the estimated $218 million jackpot. But he’s not letting that bother him at all.

“What’s crazy is I got five numbers correct, and it was on a Quick Pick. I didn’t even play my usual numbers. It happened at a convenience store, and it was convenient,” Shrednick described with a laugh.