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Rhode Island visitor wins big!

RI Visitor

Drawing Date: 8/20/2021

February 2, 2022 - A woman from Maryland cashed in the $2 million Mega Millions® Megaplier ticket from the August 20, 2021, drawing. The ticket matched five out five numbers to win the standard prize payout of $1 million. However, since she purchased the Megaplier feature for an additional dollar, the $1 million prize was multiplied by two, the Megaplier number for that draw, to equal $2,000,000.

While visiting family in Rhode Island this past summer, she purchased the Quick Pick ticket at Petrogas, 206 Main St., Ashaway, R.I. She then visited family in the Philippines but ended up getting Covid while there and had to stay longer.

By the time she made it back home to Maryland, she had forgotten about the ticket. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that she found it in her purse and checked the winning numbers to discover the big win. She plans on sharing some of the winnings with family.

Another big winning ticket from the Rhode Island Lottery, a $3 million Mega Millions Megaplier ticket from the January 25, 2022, drawing, remains unclaimed. That ticket was purchased from Daily Stop Mart, 549 Charles St., Providence.