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Cancer survivor gives back

Kristy Tucker

Drawing Date: 2/8/2022

February 11, 2022 - Kristy Tucker took a half-day off from her job as a nurse to drive from Covington, Ind., to Indianapolis to claim her $1 million Mega Millions® prize. She didn’t tell her coworkers what she needed time off for, but she said after a hectic week it was understandable. Little did they know how she was spending her afternoon.

She is very pleased she was struck to pick up a Mega Millions ticket on February 8 while out getting groceries. When she checked her ticket on the Hoosier Lottery website she found out that she had won $1 million! She couldn’t believe she was reading the numbers correctly. “Are these really the right numbers or am I dreaming this?” she asked herself. She then called her boyfriend and told him the news. “He asked me what month it was because he thought it was April Fool’s Day!” she said.

Kristy has a few ideas on how to spend her winnings. First, she’s going to pay off debt, but she’s also excited to help others. She hasn’t decided how to break the news, but she’s overjoyed to tell her daughter, a student at Indiana State University, that her student loans are about to be paid off! Kristy explained how proud she is of her daughter’s hard work and what she’s achieved. She is relieved that her daughter will not have any student loans.

Kristy is also a breast cancer survivor and plans to donate some of her winnings to the organizations that supported her during treatment. Her excitement for this cause is evident as Kristy wore a jacket with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon when she visited the Hoosier Lottery office to claim her prize.