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Advisory: Mega Millions Warns of New Scams

RELEASE DATE: 3/19/2020

New scams fraudulently using the Mega Millions name and logo are promising big prizes to people who receive official-looking emails or texts. As with all lottery scams, they are trying to lure consumers into thinking they have won a big “prize.” They are in no way connected to the real Mega Millions game despite their using our name and logo.

One such effort calls itself the Mega Millions "International Official Lottery," linking to the “Official Anniversary Lottery Site” with a 25th Anniversary logo – see the image below. It appears to tell people that they have won a "free play," which produces an apparent "win." From samples we have seen, it claims to offer a cash prize of $24,780 but you have to pay a fee to collect that “prize.”
Mega Millions warns consumers that there is no such Mega Millions “international" lottery and therefore no prize – our game is sold only in the United States and only by our participating lotteries. There are no free plays randomly sent to people via email, text or social media. The only way to win Mega Millions is to first purchase a ticket from an American lottery; if you haven’t purchased a ticket, you haven’t won. And there is never a fee to claim a real lottery prize.

Once again, we warn consumers that these scams are not connected in any way to the real Mega Millions game despite their use of our name and logo. Lottery officials strongly warn people not to respond. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any website, email or text using the Mega Millions name and logo, please contact us or the lottery in your jurisdiction.

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